How do I edit my profile?

Pretty simple! Just create and account or log in to your existing one, go to the profile section on the navigation bar and customise the heck of it! (Well not all yet), we are constantly working to offer you a better service.

How do I upload a new profile picture?

If you are looking to optimised your expirience by choosing your prefered avatar or profile pic, please go to the profile section and find the image upload option, then enjoy of your newly handsome thumbnail

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle?

Reduce— Avoid waste-look for ways to produce and use goods that stop waste being generated. Reduce waste-choose products that can be used productively, recycled locally, and have minimal packaging.

Re-use— containers, packaging or waste products.

Recycle— waste material into useable products.

Where do I change my privacy settings?

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What is this?

Please read our small blurb on the homepage or contact us with any questions regarding the Pick it up mate! project.


Let us know if you would like to be part of the initiave by sending an email to We are more than happy to work with any enthusiastic entrepenuers, volunteers or developers!

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